Protection against destruction by riots

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This is a help page for the SecuRbAn risk assessment tool

The protection level against destruction by riots question in Securban concerns the measure types

  • Target hardening to ensure violence cannot overcome other measures taken (such as directing traffic flows or access control), can prevent a riot getting out of hand.
  • Directing traffic flows to reduce the chance for potential rioters to approach vulnerable areas or opponents.
  • Removing means by making sure any materials that might be helpful for riots are unavailable, e.g. by designing a road in asphalt instead of throwable bricks.
  • Controlling disinhibitors such as alcohol.
  • Access control can ensure only flows of the intended people enter or exit the area and can enforce and intended separation of crowds.
  • Screening can sometimes be applied (for examples at stadiums at high-risk matches) to ensure the nature of the visitors, such as scanning for a restraining order or for the presence of forbidden materials, such as fireworks or weapons.

The score is divided into three categories in Securban:

  1. Neither of the measure types are taken to prevent destruction by riots.
  2. One of the measure types is taken to prevent destruction by riots.
  3. More than one of the measure types are taken to prevent destruction by riots.

As these categories are not exhaustive, and many intermediate protection levels exist, in answering the question, one will have to choose the level that comes closest to the actual level.

All other measure types against destruction by riots (such as surveillance) are covered in other answers in Securban and should not be considered in answering this question.