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Urban Securipedia is an urban safety and security knowledge base for local government and other organisations responsible for or involved in the safety and security of people and objects in the urban area. Examples of Securipedia users are: urban planners, municipality staff and law enforcement agencies responsible for the security of public space, and public event planners.

Urban Securipedia provides a structured approach to managing risk, providing practical tools for security concept development, security risk assessment and security technology evaluation, among others.

The knowledge within Urban Securipedia can be accessed either by selecting the aspect of interest, the urban area of interest or simply by searching for a keyword:

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Securipedia offers information about a range of topics related to urban safety and security. Its structure is represented graphically below, and more can be learned here.

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A tool to asses the potential risk arising from planned or considered changes to the urban environment ('Securban' tool) is available free for use here. Instructions to its use are provided here.

Urban Securipedia came into existence under the EU FP7 project VITRUV and was designed to provide extensive security-related information and tooling for those involved in the design of urban areas (i.e. urban planners). Later, as a result of the EU ISF project PRoTECT, Urban Securipedia was updated to include information and tooling for protecting events held in public space against terrorist attacks.

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