Protection against assault

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This is a help page for the SecuRbAn risk assessment tool

The protection level against assault question in Securban concerns the measure types

  • Directing traffic flows to separate potential offenders from vulnerable groups and/or locations less controlled or controllable.
  • Target removal by removing circumstances that make people vulnerable, or designing out for vulnerable groups.
  • Controlling disinhibitors such as alcohol to decrease the problem.
  • Access control possibly combined with Screening where possible and ethical, to prevent unauthorised access of potential or known offenders.

The score is divided into three categories in Securban:

  1. Neither of the measure types are taken to prevent assault.
  2. One of the measure types is taken to prevent assault.
  3. More than one of the measure types are taken to prevent assault.

As these categories are not exhaustive, and many intermediate protection levels exist, in answering the question, one will have to choose the level that comes closest to the actual level.

All other measure types against assault (such as surveillance) are covered in other answers in Securban and should not be considered in answering this question.