Protection against mass killing

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This is a help page for the SecuRbAn risk assessment tool

The protection level against mass killing question in Securban concerns the measure types

  • Target hardening by making it harder to take weapons of mass destruction to a vulnerable location, e.g. by separating traffic flows so car bombs cannot come close to masses of people, or by separating locations where such weapons might possibly come from masses of people by hardened obstacles, reducing the effect of the weapon.
  • Target removal by designing an area to be free of concentrations of people or by reducing the predictability of concentrations of people.
  • Access control, combined with directing traffic flows can be used to assure all traffic entering and exiting a location passes at certain, predestined points. This allows for all traffic to be monitored (Surveillance) or even screened (see below).
  • Screening to test a flow of traffic for suspicious signs.

The score is divided into three categories in Securban:

  1. Neither of the measure types are taken to prevent mass killing.
  2. One of the measure types is taken to prevent mass killing.
  3. More than one of the measure types are taken to prevent mass killing.

As these categories are not exhaustive, and many intermediate protection levels exist, in answering the question, one will have to choose the level that comes closest to the actual level.

All other measure types against mass killing (such as surveillance) are covered in other answers in Securban and should not be considered in answering this question.