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This page provides information about content and use of the Vitruv tools

A function of an urban object is a formalised classification of the intended uses Urban Objects can have. It is one of the elements of the structure of the Securipedia.


Any urban development is designed to provide certain functions, such as mobility functions for a new bridge, economic functions for a mall, social functions for a stadium or safety functions such as protection for the elements or privacy for almost all types of buildings. Some of these functions are provided to the direct users of the object - such as shelter - and some function are provided to the wider community around the object - such as the economic effect of a new commercial centre for the community.

Types of functions

In the context of this Securipedia, the following functions are consistently identified:

A seventh function, the ecological function, is to date not implemented in Securipedia.


By categorizing these functions and consistently indicating the interaction between the security aspects and these functions, we hope to give a good overview of the mutual relation between all the contexts involved in urban planning.