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A development plan contains detailed information about the various local authority/municipality objectives and policies for the development of the urban environment, including security-related aspects. A planning application supporting report would typically be submitted by a developer (or his/her consultants) setting out compliance with the provisions of the city development plan and the rationale or justification for the proposed development.


A development plan is one of the tools urban planners utilise to carry out his/her daily functions. It compromises a set of documents that set out the local authority's policies and proposals for the development and use of land. Examples of questions that can be answered with the help of development plans are, as to whether or not planning permission for an urban development plan should be granted or not, or if (future) safety measures such as surveillance measure are mandatory.

The supporting report submitted as part of a planning application/proposal will be assessed against the provisions within the city development plan.

At a broader level, development Planning is carried out at two distinct spatial scales. Strategic development planning is usually carried out by municipal authorities for entire regions or significant areas. Development management planning is usually undertaken by either public sector planners in their assessment of individual planning applications, or by private sector planning consultants in the preparation of a development proposal for a specific site, on the behalf of their clients. A development plan is a statutory document produced by public or municipal authorities, which provides strategic guidance on the development of a specified area over a set period of time, by setting out policies and objectives to manage existing and future development in a sustainable manner.

A planning report, which is normally prepared by a private sector planning consultant in support of a specific client development project, sets out detailed information about various aspects of the proposed urban development project including security related aspects.

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A development plan (supporting report) is the core of a business case for urban development. It determines for instance how many residential units are going to be realized, how much construction effort is foreseen, how much office space will be realized, how much traffic is prognosed, etc.