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This is a page providing background in a specific field of expertise
Urban planning tools are methods, systems and soft- en hardware that support the urban planner in his planning process.


The urban planner utilises a number of tools to carry out his/her daily functions. These might include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative tools
  • Land Use Zoning and Urban Form/Growth Management Tools (e.g. City Development Plan, and associated policies and objectives, as a tool to guide development)
  • Urban Design Tools (e.g. for attractive spaces, which are in turn vibrant, which are economic drivers etc...)
  • Transport/Mobility Analysis Tools
  • Architecture and Building Design Tools (e.g. for energy efficient buildings and a lower carbon footprint)
  • Population and Demographic Projection, Forecasting and Analysis (e.g. to identify future needs)
  • Technical Data Analysis Tools
  • Noise Modelling and Air Quality Modelling Tools etc
  • Technical Drawing and Modelling Tools
  • Public consultation Tools (e.g. Workshops, Information Meetings, Questionnaires and Surveys)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Tools
  • Specialist Input (Specialist Expertise as a tool to inform the decision-making process)
  • Economic Tools (e.g. Cost Benefit Analysis)
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Project Development/Project Management Tools (to coordinate multiple projects and ensure individual projects are comprehensive)
  • Education and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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