Protection against graffiti

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This is a help page for the SecuRbAn risk assessment tool
The protection level against graffiti question in Securban concerns the measure types
  • Target hardening by for example impregnating walls with paint-resistant coatings or making particularly attractive walls hard to reach can greatly increase the effort needed to vandalise the object and thereby reduce the attractiveness of an object.
  • Directing traffic flows to reduce the chance for potential graffiti artists to approach vulnerable areas, reducing the visibility of potential targets to criminals.
  • Target removal by removing the attractive elements of particularly vulnerable objects from high-risk locations.
  • Deflection by providing a legal place to perform graffiti.

The score is divided into three categories in Securban:

  1. Neither of the measure types are taken to prevent graffiti.
  2. One of the measure types is taken to prevent graffiti.
  3. More than one of the measure types are taken to prevent graffiti.

As these categories are not exhaustive, and many intermediate protection levels exist, in answering the question, one will have to choose the level that comes closest to the actual level.

All other measure types against graffiti (such as surveillance) are covered in other answers in Securban and should not be considered in answering this question.