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Urban Securipedia is an urban security (and connected safety) knowledge base which forms part of a complimentary tool with the objective of assisting and supporting the urban planner to make more informed deliberations and decisions on the proper planning and sustainable development of the urban area, from a security (and connected safety) perspective. Urban Securipedia assists the urban planner in making more informed decisions in the first (concept level) of three distinguished levels of urban planning. It is part of a complete tool set to support each of these levels, including concept level tools, plan level tools and detail level tools.

Urban Securipedia has been developed with the end-user in mind and, accordingly, provides not only free browsing, but also a number of convenient entry points:

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Urban Securipedia is one of two inter‐related components of computer assisted support for urban planners, to support decision-making with regard to the security of cities concerning concrete problems or goals. Each component, namely the Knowledge Base (i.e. this Urban Securipedia) and the Risk Assessment tool (SecuRbAn), work closely together, thus supporting the urban planner in ways that are described in the when to use page. The how to use page provides a concise step-by-step guide to the use of the tools. Further assistance with the use of the tools can be found in the accompanying manual.

In order to provide practical and useful support, the Securipedia contains a wealth of information on security, brought into relation with the typical areas of interest of the urban planning process, as illustrated below.

Structure and relations in the knowledge base

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Urban Securipedia is developed as part of the Vitruv project, co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Research Framework Programme (2007-2013).