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Protection of public spaces, that are soft targets, from terrorism.

Explain what is PRoTECT


How do we look at terrorism, what is the threat. --> link to page on terrorism, types and actors

Soft targets

When is something a soft target --> short introduction, create new page on soft targets and link to urban objects that are soft targets (soft target pagina)

Public spaces

Explain what public spaces are (PSOI), link to urban objects


Local law enforcement, specifically municiplalities. Stakeholders involved are... --> use information from EFUS in D2.1

Acquired knowledge

Steps that can help protect public spaces, starting with vulnerabiltiy identification and looking for solutions. --> (EERST PSOI en define place)

Step 1. PSOI

Waar richt je je op, hoe kies je dat, hoe prioriteer je, wat is een PSOI, et cetera

Step 2. Vulnerability identification

Information on VAT, why it is important to identify vulnerabilities, what you can do with it, that there are multiple methods (for instance VAT from PRoTECT), use scenario's.

Take into account the current measures.

--> link to the following (new) pages: "Vulnerability assessments", "vulnerabilities", "Evaluation methods"

Step 3. Define objectives and requirements

With knowledge of vulnerabilities, it is important to choose what to focus on. Define objectives and requirements for the chosen vulnerabilities and needs.

Step 4. Gather solutions

can be done by research (SOTA), insight in developments of technologies or by asking the market (RFI), use scenario's.

What is an RFI, how did PRoTECT do it, what can you learn.

--> link to the following (new) pages: "Request for Information", "Technology solutions", "Measures", "Terrorism (types and actors)"

Step 5. Evaluation of solutions

How to evaulate solutions (MCA, before and after gathering solutions, set up evaluation criteria, particaluralry for a vulnerability and public space). Also other ways of evaluating.

--> Link to the follwoing (new) pages: "Evaluation methods", "Request for Information", "Vulnerability Assessment"

Step 6. Next steps

This step was not done by PRoTECT, but in general one could choose potential useful solutions and implement it. Next steps. --> wat kun je er mee (mogelijk bij collega's uitvragen of zij hier documenten voor hebben, dan geven we de lezer toch iets)

Useful documents

VAT manual

Technology evaluation framework